Patrick Gunn


Patrick Gunn is a film executive with over twenty-five years experience in acquiring filmed entertainment content and maximizing its profitability through effective marketing and distribution. Prior to joining Qualia Capital, Mr. Gunn managed the distribution of Michael Moore’s feature film “Fahrenheit 9/11.” He was responsible for the marketing, publicity, theatrical and video distribution and international release of the film while also overseeing all operations of the independent distributing company. The film shattered box office records for documentary films and became a cultural phenomenon.

Prior to his work on “Fahrenheit 9/11,” Mr. Gunn was the Executive Vice President of Artisan Entertainment where he was primarily responsible for content acquisition. In addition he oversaw the joint venture between Artisan and Marvel Studios. Mr. Gunn served as an Executive Producer of “The Punisher” and was involved with every aspect of the development and production of that picture. Before joining Artisan, Mr. Gunn was Vice President of Acquisitions, Production, and Ancillary Distribution at USA Films and its predecessor October Films where he launched and operated Rogue Pictures.

Mr. Gunn received an MBA degree from Indiana University and a BA from St. Louis University where he was graduated summa cum laude and was selected for membership in the Phi Beta Kappa honor society.

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